Rolling out iPadegogy

For three months or more my colleagues and I have been totally immersed in readying ourselves for the rollout of iPads in an effort bring about a complete transformation to iPadegogy. Time has flown by as we’ve attempted to get our heads around what it will take to make iPadegogy in the ESL college classroom a success. Now that this exciting transformation is literally playing out right before our very eyes, there’s no time to complain or look back at how simple, smooth, and easy teaching was on the whiteboard accompanied by a variety of web-based tools.

The days, weeks, and months ahead are going to be rough indeed. Students and faculty both are entering uncharted territory. There will be all manner of technical glitches. We’ve experienced this in the first week. It’s important, however,  to fight through these issues with the right attitude. There is no sense getting bent out of shape when the inevitable takes place. When the technology fails you, this is where your training as a teacher comes into play. It’s important to have something to fall back on, whether it’s a supplement to the lesson you are giving,  or something you pull from that old bag of tricks when things went wrong in the pre-iPad classroom. With newly implemented technology, on any campus, it seems to me that there will be a period of growing pains for everyone involved. This applies to teachers and teaching/planning, students and learning, and of course the infrastructure that allows us to take advantage of the technology in the classroom.

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